20/12  Gravesend Methodist Church Christingle Service [Organ; Conducting]

19/12  Gravesend Crusade Choir Christmas Concert [Organ]

19/12  Northara Singers – Valley Lodge [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]

17/12  Northara Singers – Harden Hall, Northfleet [Conducting; Background Music; Piano Accomapnying]

15/12  Cecil Road School Carol Service – All Saints’, Perry Street [Organ]

13/12  KCC Youth & Community Christmas Celebrations – Rochester Cathedral [Sound Engineer]

10/12  Homemead [One-Man Show, with Mitchell Curtis]


25/11  Northara Singers – Homemead, Gravesend [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]

14/11  Whitstable Methodist Church [One-Man Show]

7/11    Northara Singers – St George’s Hall, Gravesend [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]


24/10   St James’ Oaks – Cabaret [One-Man Show, with Mitchell Curtis]

17/10   Gravesend Methodist Church – Burning Questions Production [Music backings]

8/10    Atlas Wind Quintet – Mansion House, London [Background Music]


22/9    Northara Singers – Wombwell Hall [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]

19/9    Tadley Main Road Methodist Church [One-Man Show]


23/7    Northara Singers – Bowater, Northfleet [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]


27/6    Gravesend Methodist Church – Wedding [Organ; Keyboards for band]


23/5    Gosbrook Road Methodist Church, Caversham, Reading [One-Man Show]

16/5    Gravesend Methodist Church – Wedding [Organ]

6/5      London South-East Methodist Youth Choir – Sittingbourne Methodist Church [Conducting & One-Man Show Excerpts]

3/5      London South-East Methodist Youth Choir – Pembury [Conducting; Drum Kit]


26/4    Gravesham Scout Association St George’s Day Parade – Gravesend Methodist Church [Organ]

25/4    Gravesend Methodist Church – Wedding [Organ]

18/4    MAYC Orchestra & Singers Concert – Coventry [Bassoon, Saxophone & Contrabassoon]


23/2    Northara Singers – Ifield Junior School [Conducting; Piano Accompanying]

21/2    SAM Variety Concert – Gravesend Methodist Church [Drum Kit; Conducting; Bassoon]